Buying Quality Doesn't Cost, It Pays

A modern equivalent of an old familiar saying might run something like “good contractors never blame their tools” but equally it goes without stating that a good contractor would ensure their tools are equally of good quality to properly reflect that the skills of their craft are achieved on the finished job.

Yet whilst proper quality tools are an essential part of the everyday job it seems that when it comes to building materials there are times when some are willing to compromise quality against cost with the risky assumption that performance and equally importantly their own reputation will not suffer.
Buying Quality Doesn't Cost, It Pays cover image

With years of experience in your trade to become highly skilled, you know that your work won’t let you down, so neither should the products and materials you use. The installation and maintenance of roofing are amongst the most critical elements of the performance of our buildings. Excellence in skills of the trade must be matched with excellence in the performance of the products chosen for the project.

For roofing contractors, failure or compromised performance in materials can lead to downtime on site, additional costs in both time and additional materials, delays resulting in more time on the job and bottlenecks with other projects, and also crucially a tarnished reputation and loss of referrals and future business.

The A. Proctor Group developed Roofshield 21 years ago in response to problems caused by the requirements of the UK’s demand for cold-pitched roof construction, and the drive towards ever increasing thermal performance requirements. The Roofshield brand is designed and manufactured to ensure contractors are guaranteed the highest quality, providing a pitched roof underlay, which is both air and vapour permeable.

In line with guidelines issued by the NHBC, independently certified air and vapour permeable underlays can be used without additional ridge ventilation in cold roofs. The use of Roofshield will lead to savings in labour and material costs due to no VCL required, and its high-performance air permeability means that the roof space has similar air changes to that of a roof using eaves / ridge ventilation.

All products that we buy whether it’s a set of work tools, a smartphone or a van have a number of key-values that we associate with that product or brand. Whilst performance, functionality and cost will all feature in the decision making process, manufacturers work hard to achieve added value by delivering a brand that users can trust, believe in and rest assured it will meet their own set of aspirations and needs. What the A. Proctor Group has achieved with Roofshield is a product which does what it says, will prevent call-backs and provide roofing contractors with total peace of mind that their reputation will remain as secure as the roof over the heads of their customers.