The roof structures of historic buildings can be complex in nature and demand careful consideration of moisture management and condensation control. Many vapour permeable underlays use an airtight VP film layer to achieve their performance rather like a Gore-Tex jacket. While water resistant, they cannot completely prevent condensation within the roof space; meaning additional ventilation has to be introduced in order to allow air to circulate.

Roofshield’s patented air permeable structure allows high levels of airflow, in addition to the transport of moisture vapour, making the formation of condensation in the roof space virtually impossible and will still perform in conditions in which airtight alternatives will not. There is also no requirement for a separate vapour control layer.

The high performance of Roofshield, backed by two BBA Certificates & LABC / LABSS, has been successfully used in preserving and protecting the fabric of a wide range of historic and listed buildings for more than 21 years. The buildings of St Malachy’s College include a distinctive tower above the main entrance and are home to O’Laverty’s Library which contains almost 5,000 printed works, a few from as far back as the 17th century, and even a unique set of Gaelic manuscripts.

Roofshield has been used in the restoration of a number of significantly important heritage buildings including; Belfast City Hall, Derry Guildhall, Hamilton Hall – St. Andrews, Lynn Library Queens University Belfast.

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