Roofshield continues to be one of the highest performing roofing membrane solutions and is the preferred choice of architects, developers and contractors. Many vapour permeable underlays use an airtight VP film layer to achieve their performance. In contrast, Roofshield’s patented SMS (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond) structure allows high levels of airflow, in addition to the transport of moisture vapour, making the formation of condensation in the roof space virtually impossible. It has an extremely high degree of vapour permeability, as well as air permeability, so will still perform in conditions in which airtight alternatives will not.

Preservation and protection is nothing new for this beautiful part of Scotland, which is home to some ancient woodland. Indeed an Ancient Tree Inventory across the region recently identified a sweet chestnut tree as old as Bonnie Prince Charlie, which became the 15,000th ancient tree in Scotland.

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