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The industries growing understanding of the complexities of Heat, Air and Moisture Movement (HAMM) through the building envelope has led to a shift in the industry in two ways. First, modelling software like WUFI® provides hygrothermal assessment and better models the condensation risks. Second, a new generation of advanced construction materials is now available to support the long-term health and durability of a building.

Construction professionals in the UK will be familiar with BS5250:2021 ’ Management of Moisture in Buildings – Code of Practice’ as the authoritative resource on this topic. The Standard specifies the need to be aware of both the internal and external factors contributing to condensation control and building health, where it states: “In order to avoid the occurrence of excess condensation, which can result in mould growth and damage to the building fabric, designers should assess the amount of water vapour likely to be generated within the building … and consider the effects of the external climate.”