Probreathe® A2

Probreathe® A2 is an airtight woven glass fibre membrane with a PU coating. The membrane combines breathability, good water resistance and airtightness in one membrane. It has a Reaction to Fire classification of A2-s1,d0 when installed freehanging or onto a substrate which is minimum A2,s1,d0

  • A2 Reaction to Fire Classification
  • Increased airtightness over traditional breather membranes
  • Vapour permeable membrane for use either directly onto sheathing or over insulation.
  • Ideal for use in rainscreen/facade construction
  • Suitable for applications in relevant buildings and those over 11m/18m
  • Robust & Durable wall membrane
  • Allows temporary protection of the building until the primary external covering is installed
Probreathe® A2 product image
NBS - Probreathe A2
NBS - Probreathe A2

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