Wraptherm is a composite comprising 10mm Spacetherm Insulation blanket bonded to the face of Wraptite vapour permeable, airtight self-adhesive membrane. Use of Wraptherm provides improved airtightness levels combined with a reduction in thermal bridging. Wraptherm was developed for use in the refurbishment of existing buildings where there was a requirement to enhance both the thermal and airtightness performance of the building. Wraptherm can be applied to the internal face of the existing façade, providing a vapour neutral yet airtight layer, fully self-adhered to the substrate layer with the added benefit of a 10mm thick layer of high thermal performance Spacetherm insulation. Over this airtight/thermal composite framing can be installed with the cold bridging being reduced thanks to the Spacetherm layer. Additional thermal insulation can be included within the frame to meet the u values required for the refurbishment.

  • Single product airtightness and thermal bridging solution
  • Leading Airtightness performance
  • Reduces thermal bridging
  • Ideal for Refurbishment and Façade Retention projects
  • Water resistant yet vapour permeable membrane
  • Continuous airtightness seal
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