Proctorwrap® is a spunbonded polypropylene film laminate material developed primarily as a breather membrane for use in timber frame wall and light steel frame applications. Applied in the factory during manufacture or on site, Proctorwrap affords effective protection of timber frames during construction against wind-driven rain, snow and dust. Once completed, the high water vapour permeability of Proctorwrap allows the controlled escape of vapour from within the timber frame whilst restricting the ingress of rain and moisture.

Proctorwraps’ vapour resistance of Sd 0.02m is less than the maximum permitted in NHBC requirements. Used in accordance with this NHBC Practice Note, Proctorwrap provides a superior quality permanent wall breather membrane.

Proctorwrap is suitable for use in exposed areas such as coastal areas due to its’ increased W1 resistance. This allows the use of Proctowrap in walls in all areas of the UK.

  • Increased airtightness over traditional breather membranes
  • Highly water resistant
  • Allows temporary protection until primary external covering is installed / applied
  • Provides durability and reduced risk of tears and subsequent remedial work
  • Airtight and vapour permeable
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