FramePro W1

The FramePro® W1 system offers the ideal option for a vapour permeable air barrier.

Used together, the components of the FramePro W1 system provide a simplified and robust method of achieving low air leakage rates, particularly when installed on site, as is typical with large scale rainscreen construction, or when sealing junctions between prefabricated building components. By reducing the likelihood of failures to meet designed airtightness levels, the FramePro W1 system helps ensure “as-designed” performance is achieved, helping to narrow the ‘performance gap’ between as-designed and actual energy performance

  • Simple & robust two component system
  • Forms an external airtightness barrier
  • Can be left exposed for up to 12 weeks during construction
  • Airtight yet vapour permeable
  • Resists punctures and tears during construction
  • Assists in achieving an excellent airtightness result
FramePro W1 product image

Product Information