FramePro® W1

FramePro W1 is a vapour permeable, airtight wall underlay, which is durable, flexible and lightweight allowing for easy installation. FramePro W1 is water resistant and has a resilient composition, which resists punctures and tears during installation.

FramePro W1 can be utilised with Wraptite Tape to provide a simplified and robust method of achieving low air leakage rates, particularly when installed on site, as is typical with large scale rain screen construction, or when sealing junctions between prefabricated building components. By reducing the likelihood of failures to meet designed airtight levels, FramePro W1 helps ensure “as designed” performance is achieved. This helps to narrow the performance gap between as designed and actual energy performance. FramePro W1 is designed to cost effectively replace conventional breather membranes whilst increasing airtightness.

  • Increased airtightness over traditional breather membranes
  • Allows temporary protection until primary external covering is installed / applied
  • Provides durability and reduced risk of tears and subsequent remedial work
  • Airtight and vapour permeable
FramePro® W1 product image

Product Information