Protech GM Super

Protech GM Super Gas Membrane is a reinforced LDPE, loose – laid, gas barrier that incorporates an aluminium foil layer to provide maximum protection from the ingress of Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Radon in new developments. The membrane is fully compliant with the recommendations made in Ciria 665, BS8485 and The Local Authority Ground Gas Handbook when installed in accordance with BRE 414.

Protech GM Super is a high performance proprietary reinforced gas barrier that has been specifically designed to conform with the latest guidance documents. Due to its unique composition, the membrane is extremely robust and flexible and, as a result, easy to install on site. The membrane also provides protection from damp and, therefore, there is no need to install a separate DPM.

  • Reinforced for superior tear resistance and reduced elongation
  • Full range of accessories to ensure that the membrane is gas tight
  • Aluminium Core for reduced methane permeability on higher risk sites
  • Compatible with the Provoid Gas Venting System
  • Manufactured from High Grade Virgin Polymer
  • BBA Certified
Protech GM Super product image

Product Information