David Buchan Memorial

With a background in construction David started his career in acoustics when he joined the A Proctor Group in April 1996.

Initially he was the company’s technical sales representative for the East of Scotland but he quickly developed an interest in acoustics into a specialism and excelled in the specification, detailing and sale of acoustic products. In 2001 David took over as the Acoustic Associate for Proctors where he ran their acoustic test laboratory as well as being the acoustic technical advisor for the company, it was during this time that he undertook his Diploma in Acoustics at the IOA’s Edinburgh Centre as his work began to concentrate more on product development and testing.
David Buchan Memorial cover image

David’s warm hearted and reassuring personality made him a well-liked and well respected member of the building acoustic community in Scotland and in the wider UK construction industry where he was always a welcome visitor on site or at design meetings. He also became a well-known face at many IOA events where he regularly manned the Proctor’s stand giving advice on products and performance and regularly attending IOA Scottish Branch events.

Despite his fame for often being a bit late, David once turned up late for a time management course, he was always very generous with his time and remained committed to his role in acoustics despite on-going health issues. David will be greatly missed by all those who knew him and our sympathies are with his wife, Elayne and their family.