Solar Panels to Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

The A. Proctor Group factory in Blairgowrie has recently been upgraded with solar PV panels to provide a significant part of its energy from renewable sources and substantially reduce its carbon emissions. The high-performance 30kWp Solar PV system was installed to the roof at the manufacturing site by specialists Forster Energy

Based on current electricity consumption, the new system is expected to provide the equivalent of a reduction of 201,741kg of CO2 emissions over 20 years.
Solar Panels to Help Reduce Carbon Emissions cover image

The A. Proctor Group, specialist manufacturers of technically advanced thermal, acoustic and membrane products for the construction industry, continues to increase its focus on sustainability and is working to ensure that its actions from a social and environmental perspective have a positive impact.

In 2022, the company set up a dedicated Sustainability Focus Group, led by the Group’s Managing Director, Keira Proctor. The group includes specialists from technical, operations, manufacturing, IT, marketing, sales, and accounts, and continues to review internal processes and materials and work closely with external supply chains and customers. The company is also driving improvements in the critical areas of reduced waste, and recycling.

Amongst the A. Proctor Group’s product portfolio is a wide selection of high-performance products and solutions aimed at helping the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings. This change to a highly efficient renewable energy source at the manufacturer’s site is in line with this aim and is aligned with our need to transition businesses to become more sustainable and lessen our impact on the environment.