Standing The Test Of Time

We’ve been supplying acoustics products to the construction industry for over 28 years. Our acoustic products were first certified by the BBA in 1994.

Along the way there has been many significant developments, 2001 saw proposals for tough new changes to Part E (Resistance to the Passage of sound) of the Building Regulations in England & Wales, driven by the fact that more than two thirds of all complaints to local Environmental Health Officers related to some form of domestic noise. At the time BRE also estimated that in new dwellings, as many as 40% of separating floors may fail to meet the required standard.
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The intention then, was to improve the overall standard whilst reducing the failure rate to below 5% over the following 10 years. This would be accomplished by a clear (higher) performance standard, along with the introduction of Pre-Completion Testing. The response from the industry to these proposals, was to develop (led by the House Builders Federation) a complete set of ‘Robust Details’ (later to become Robust Details Ltd), that would ensure consistent performance levels were achieved time after time, thus making the requirement for testing on site unnecessary (Approved Document E, 2004 amendments).

With our already proven track record & position as a key manufacturer of acoustic flooring products, the A Proctor Group were heavily involved in this process from the very beginning, some of our products even being selected as the ‘benchmark’, or reference standard. In England & Wales, Robust Details typically account for two-thirds of all attached new homes and demonstrated a compliance with the standards of 98%. Defra have reported that “The net effect of the policy over the period 2003 – 2010, assessed in terms of preventing ‘failures’, was estimated to have been about 198,000 attached houses and 111,000 purpose-built flats”.

In 2010 Scotland also saw Section 5 (Noise) of the Technical Handbooks updated with the intention of improving the sound insulation of attached new or converted homes; along with a published collection of ‘Example Constructions’ that specifiers could refer to (which importantly, also contains details on test information which should be sought from manufactures to demonstrate their products are suitable for use).

The requirement to demonstrate compliance through pre-completion testing (PCT) was also introduced. Just as in England & Wales some 8 years earlier, 2012 saw the launch of Robust Details for Scotland and also Northern Ireland, albeit with fewer constructions to select from.

At the A.Proctor Group we are constantly looking at new ways to improve the experience for the end-user by listening to our customers and rejuvenating our range, incorporating more recycled & locally-sourced components to give them the performance & economic advantages required.

We offer a comprehensive range of acoustic services, including: Acoustic design consultation based on drawings, Batten overlay drawings, Acoustic flooring take-offs, Vibration isolation specifications, Laboratory & site preliminary or comfort testing.

Sound insulation in buildings requires a “system approach” using a combination of products and components. The wide range of acoustic product test data and the very nature of sound insulation performance do not lend themselves to a straightforward design process. In our experience the most common causes of failure to meet the required performance levels are the specification of, or substitution for, unsuitable materials.

The A.Proctor Group have been providing technically advanced acoustic solutions to the construction industry since the 1980’s. A technical support team with over 50 years experience in construction acoustics between them are on hand to assist with compliance at all stages, from design and specification through to construction advice and on-site or lab testing. With a comprehensive range of products, full BBA certification and several decades of acoustics experience, the A. Proctor Group are a company you can depend upon.