The A. Proctor Group Aids Specification for Architects

The A. Proctor Group recognised worldwide for its extensive portfolio of technically advanced thermal, acoustic and membrane products for the construction industry, has collaborated with NBS to aid the specification process for architects and designers covering an extensive range of systems and components for floors, walls, and roofs.

Available through NBS Chorus and NBS Source, specifiers can now access a full suite of digital products and technical specifications for many of the A. Proctor Group product solutions. The collaboration with NBS provides architects and designers with a comprehensive technical specification writing service. In addition, specifiers have easy access to the manufacturer’s specification data, BIM objects, literature and third-party certifications.
The A. Proctor Group Aids Specification for Architects cover image

Product Information

The rich data available through NBS combined with the expertise of the A. Proctor Group’s technical team will help to make the specification process quicker, more effective, and more accurate, saving time and cost.

The following product solutions from the A. Proctor Group can be searched for and added to specifications via the NBS Source pages or NBS Chorus app for specifiers who use the NBS platform.

Procheck Adapt cover image

Procheck Adapt

Procheck® 500 cover image

Procheck® 500

Procheck® A2 cover image

Procheck® A2

Procheck® FR200 cover image

Procheck® FR200

Roofshield cover image


Probreathe® A2 cover image

Probreathe® A2

Wraptite cover image


Wraptite® UV cover image

Wraptite® UV

Spacetherm cover image


Spacetherm® A1 cover image

Spacetherm® A1

Fireshield® cover image


Links and buttons will also be added to the NBS Website to ensure that subscribed architects can specify directly from the web in as few clicks as possible.

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