Wraptite-SA Achieves BBA Certification

Specifiers and architects looking for a straightforward but healthy and effective air tightness solution for buildings need look no further than Wraptite-SA, the only self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier certified by the BBA.

The abilities of this single-component, externally applied air barrier from the A. Proctor Group have now been officially recognised by the BBA following comprehensive assessment at its laboratory in Watford.

The product makes a significant contribution to a building’s thermal performance by preventing lateral air movement, but also helps maintain a healthy living environment and structure thanks to its high vapour permeability rating (Sd 0.039).
Wraptite-SA Achieves BBA Certification cover image

due to having to accommodate detailing for electrical, lighting, heating and drainage systems, external air barriers are comparatively quick to install, applied to the sheathing board as a continuous piece. There is also less to go wrong, such as damage from follow up trades, meaning expensive remedial works are less likely.

The self-adhering membrane fully bonds to virtually any substrate, requiring no mechanical attachment, seals or tapes to suppress air leakage around junctions or penetrations. It recently achieved an impressive air tightness score of 0.87 m3/ m2/hr on a Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5 project, showing this breathable, simple solution covers all the bases.

Wraptite-SA has received BBA certification (no. 15/5274) for use in both roofs and in walls behind the rain screen cladding making it an ideal choice for commercial projects with large uninterrupted facades.

Key construction benefits

• Air tightness – as well as wind resistance during construction
• Water resistance – providing temporary protection for the building fabric during construction
• Breathability – allows vapour to escape reducing condensation for users and structure
• One-piece solution – requires no tapes
• Self-adhering- reduces mechanical fixings of the membrane and ensures less risk of water/wind without limiting vapour permeability