Commenting on the selection of Reflectashield TF 0.81 Derek Gough, Senior Estimator for Taylor Lane explains: “Taylor Lane has been designing and manufacturing top quality timber frame systems for over 40 years for a wide variety of sectors. All products chosen for use within the manufacturing of our homes have to be consistent with our customer’s expectations of the highest quality and performance.

“For the Salisbury Plain project, our 140mm timber frame system was used with a requirement for the chosen insulation to achieve a U-value of 0.21 W/m2 K. Each property was designed to have an energy performance 19% greater than Building Regulations requirements. We use Reflectashield TF 0.81 on all of our projects and in our experience believe it to be one of the best membranes on the market.

“Installed on the external face of the timber frame, foil side face out, the use of Reflectashield TF 0.81 enabled us to achieve the required U-value whilst using the minimum amount of insulation. It also provides excellent tear resistance and protection for our timber frame panels.”

Reflectashield TF 0.81 - Salisbury Plain - Image - 1

Reflectashield TF 0.81 is vapour permeable, has low emissivity and an enhanced foil surface designed to improve the thermal resistance of timber and steel frame structures, and is ideally suited to timber frame construction. It has significant added thermal benefits to those offered by traditional breather membranes. The water-resistant, non-woven polypropylene foil faced laminate has a unique patented three-layer composition, providing excellent breathability, as well as secondary protection to the building during construction, and transportation to site.

Reflectashield TF 0.81 complies well within the low vapour resistance requirements set out by BS 4016, TRADA and the NHBC.

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