Profloor Dynamic Batten

Profloor Dynamic® Batten System is specified and detailed similar to a standard batten for the purpose of supporting the chosen floor finish, but has the advantage of providing effective isolation of the floor finish from the structure. Significant improvement in Impact and Airborne Sound Insulation can be obtained when using Profloor Dynamic Batten System in timber or concrete construction.

  • Significantly reduces impact and airborne noise pollution in multi - level buildings
  • Designed to improve both airborne and impact sound performance
  • Designed to last the lifetime of the floor
  • Supremely versatile, making it suitable for most domestic flooring applications
  • Foams are resistant to biological attack
  • Non-load bearing partition walls can be erected on the finished acoustic floor where a double batten run has been positioned below
Profloor Dynamic Batten product image

Product Information