Profloor Excel Batten

A composite batten utilising a unique vertically oriented fibre which has been designed to improve the acoustic performance of concrete and timber frame floors. The enhanced performance levels will help satisfy Building Regulations requirements and in the ‘deep’ batten format will satisfy the requirements of Robust Details FFT1 for timber floors E-FT-1, E-FT-2 and E-FT-3.

  • Designed to reduce both airborne and impact sound performance
  • High performance resilient layer - 13mm, with unique Vertical Oriented Fibres
  • Limited long-term deflection or ‘creep’ ensures sustained performance
  • 2.4m length batten for quicker installation
  • Significantly reduces impact and airborne noise pollution in multi - level buildings
  • Floors can be used immediately after installation
Profloor Excel Batten product image

Product Information