Product Information

Designer Stefi Orazi from Modernist Estates who lives in the flat explains. “When I first moved into the flat in 2015, I just kept the heating on in the bedroom the whole time, but it just seemed ridiculous to heat a room that I wasn’t in during the day. And then, during the pandemic, I noticed little mould spots all over my mattress and wall behind the bed. I had to do something about it. Properly!”

“I started researching different insulating materials, but because of the size of the room (it’s about 2.5 x 2.5m), I really couldn’t afford to lose any wall space with regular insulation. I then came across Spacetherm WL made by the A. Proctor Group. This seemed ideal as it’s only 13mm thick, and you can glue it directly onto the wall, plus you can do it yourself and can download the installation guide direct from their website.”

“The A. Proctor Group were really helpful every time I emailed them with a question, and the boards are 1200 x 600 mm, so they are easy to handle for one person alone.”

Spacetherm WL is a high-performance laminate specifically designed to be fixed to the internal surfaces of existing walls without the need for mechanical fixings. Spacetherm WL consists of a Spacetherm aerogel insulation blanket bonded to a 3mm Magnesium Board (MgO) for use in applications where improved thermal performance is required with limited space. At just 13mm thick, Spacetherm WL has virtually no negative impact on floor space, there is no need to remove skirting boards and cornices, saving time and cost, and making it ideal for refurbishment projects where space is at a premium.

The A. Proctor Group has, for 50 years, been leading the innovation, manufacture, and supply of technically advanced thermal, acoustic and membrane products. Spacetherm® Aerogel offers specifiers a flexible yet robust insulation blanket solution. Combining a silica aerogel with a fibre matrix, it is a superior material which is suitable for a wide range of challenging applications where thermal performance is crucial.