A Proctor Group Launches Wraptite® UV Airtightness Membrane

Since its launch, the Wraptite® external airtightness membrane has been an incredible success and has been specified in a wide range of projects and applications. Now, Wraptite is being extended further with the introduction of Wraptite UV.

Wraptite UV is a Class B fire rated membrane that combines the critical properties of vapour permeability and airtightness into one innovative, self-adhering product.
A Proctor Group Launches Wraptite® UV Airtightness Membrane cover image

Product Information

Specifically designed for use behind open jointed cladding, Wraptite UV has exceptional water and UV resistance. In addition, the product provides a shadow gap detail behind open jointed façade systems in offsite construction, rainscreen and timber cladding systems.

The inclusion of Wraptite UV prevents lateral air movement and enhances the building thermal performance. A rating of Sd 0.06m provides a high vapour permeability within a professional quality, self adhered, airtight breathable membrane.

In addition to its use behind open jointed cladding, the membrane is designed for applications that require protection against UV for extended periods. The membrane is ideal for use in the storage and transportation of volumetric modules, offsite panelised systems, and within high rise façade construction.

During its application, the self-adhesive nature of Wraptite UV requires no mechanical attachment and bonds to multiple substrates for airtightness, offering ease of installation, negating the requirement for a primer, sealants, or tapes. Adhesive curing time is approximately 6hrs depending on environmental conditions.