Reflectashield TF 0.81

Reflectashield is a vapour permeable low emissivity membrane for use externally on timber frame buildings. Once Reflectashield TF 0.81 is applied to the walls, the primary wall covering should be installed within 3 months.

The A. Proctor Group are constantly reviewing their product portfolio to keep up with current legislation. The A. Proctor Group have re-tested Reflectashield TF 0.81 at the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) resulting in an uplift of the claimed thermal performance to an R-Value of 0.81m2K/W.

Reflectashield TF 0.81 complies with the vapour resistance requirements set out by BS 4016, TRADA and the NHBC.

  • R-Value of 0.81 m2K/W
  • 1.45 & 2.7 metre wide rolls
  • Complies with BS 4016, TRADA & NHBC requirements
  • Enhanced foil surface
  • Unique patented, three - layer composition
Reflectashield TF 0.81 product image

Product Information