Spacetherm Directfix

Spacetherm Directfix is a high performance laminate which is specifically designed to be fixed directly to the wall. It consists of Spacetherm Aerogel insulation blanket bonded to plasterboard, with an additonal pre-bonded plywood reinforcement to the plasterboard. This reinforced laminate will reduce the risk of shot-fired nails failing to create a robust fix and will also reduce the risk of drill bit snagging, should you be using a traditional mechanical fixing method.

Ideal for use in applications where low U-values are required but space is at a premium. Spacetherm Directfix is supplied with foil faced plasterboard as standard to reduce condensation. Plain plasterboard is available on request. Spacetherm Directfix lining boards can achieve similar performance to traditional plasterboard laminates, but at a fraction of the thickness, allowing specifiers greater flexibility and higher performance for refurbishment projects. Due to Spacetherm’s unique hydrophobic qualities it is also possible to directly fix Spacetherm Laminates to certain existing wall substrates (see installation guide for details).

  • Can be installed directly to solid walls or onto straps
  • Ideal for hard to treat solid walls
  • Ideal solution where maximising internal space is critical
Spacetherm Directfix product image

Product Information