Spacetherm Wall Liner

Spacetherm WL (Wall Liner) is a high performance laminate specifically designed to be fixed to internal surfaces of existing solid walls without the need for mechanical fixings. Spacetherm WL consists of 10mm Spacetherm aerogel insulation blanket bonded to 3mm Magnesium Oxide Board (MgO), for use in applications where improved thermal performance is required with limited space. Spacetherm WL can achieve similar performance to traditional plasterboard laminates, but at a fraction of the thickness, allowing specifiers greater flexibility and higher performance for refurbishment projects.

  • Thin insulation system for hard to treat walls.
  • Class leading performance.
  • Minimum loss of room space.
  • Allows wall to breathe
  • Constant long term thermal performance 50 years+.
  • Non-hazardous material.
  • Easy refurbishment
  • No specialist trades required
Spacetherm Wall Liner product image

Product Information