Spacetherm Window Reveal Board

Spacetherm WRB (window reveal board) is a high-performance laminate specifically designed to be fixed or glued to the existing solid wall at the window reveals. Spacetherm WRB consists of Spacetherm Aerogel insulation blanket bonded to plasterboard or magnesium board, with or without plywood reinforcement, depending on fixings. It is ideal for use in applications where low U-values are required but space is limited.

  • Ultra thin insulation system for window reveals
  • The best thermal performance available
  • Minimum loss of space around openings
  • Glued or direct fixed to solid walls
  • Constant long term thermal performance 50 years +
  • Includes an integrated vapour control layer
  • Can be used in partnership with traditional dry-lining
  • Non-hazardous material
Spacetherm Window Reveal Board product image