Procheck 300 is a highly effective vapour control layer, for use within roof and wall constructions to prevent warm, moist air escaping from inside the building and condensing within the insulation. The woven, polypropylene, multifilament scrim reinforcement provides excellent resistance to tears and punctures to withstand the toughest site conditions. Procheck 300 is translucent in colour which allows visibility to the substructure.

The A. Proctor Group, renowned for providing high performing membrane solutions for controlling the heat, air, moisture movement in buildings (HAMM), continues to lead the way with its commitment to research and development resulting in the most technologically advanced products for the building industry.

Doha Sandwich Panels composite rigid panels were installed for the roofs and walls incorporating Procheck 300, a lightweight, reinforced, polyethylene, vapour control layer.

The use of Procheck 300 reduces the risks of condensation, maintaining the highest level of moisture resistance throughout the showroom, provides commercial buildings with protection for many.

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