Product Information

“Procheck A2 has an A2-s1,d0 fire classification to BS EN 13501-1, is considered limited combustibility and minimal contribution to fire, and therefore, conforms with the requirements for high rise construction (18m).” The superior performance of Procheck A2 from the A. Proctor Group is the perfect solution, delivering significant benefits to the combination of in-factory manufacture and on- site housing construction.

Procheck A2 comprises a unique design consisting of a glass fibre backing with a pure aluminium foil and clear lacquer coating. It is this clear surface which provides Procheck A2 with the added benefit of a low emissivity surface, which, when used with a service cavity, can enhance the overall thermal performance of the building fabric, as well as ensure a high fire protection performance, with an A2-s1,d0 fire classification. Procheck A2 is designed to protect the building fabric from the potential risks of condensation whilst providing the added benefit of serving as an effective airtight barrier.

Sam Bennett added,“the technical team at the A. Proctor Group supported us throughout and provided comprehensive installation guides giving vital information for both operatives and clients and helping with sign-off at specific hold points throughout the project.” Based on years of investigation, research and development, the A. Proctor Group can offer a superior range of technically advanced membranes to address the safe design of fire solutions in building construction.The installation of Procheck A2 will ensure a high level of protection throughout the building’s lifespan.

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