Product Information

Contractor, Andrew Shepherd Construction proposed the use of the Procheck Adapt available from the A. Proctor Group, who has been serving the construction industry for 50 years with an extensive portfolio of technically advanced thermal, acoustic and membrane products.

Thanks to its unique design, the Procheck Adapt membrane offers variable permeability which adapts to changes in humidity levels and allows the structure to dry out in the summer and in sunny days during spring and autumn while protecting it from moisture overload in the winter. This is possible because the membrane adapts its vapour resistance to the environment i.e., vapour tight in the winter and more vapour open in the summer.

This ensures that the building fabric is protected from damaging moisture levels during cold, wet winter months, and allows the fabric to dry out effectively in warmer, drier months. The introduction of Procheck Adapt will ensure that it provides a high level of protection throughout the lifespan of the properties.

Jason Noble, Architect with Angus Council commented on the requirement for a high-performance solution to achieve the desired levels of vapour control and airtightness. “We required a high performing vapour barrier and air tightness layer, that could be installed on site by our contractor and achieve our performance specification. We wanted an effective vapour barrier and airtightness layer that when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and in combination with the timber kit construction would provide an effective airtightness rating of 4 when tested.”

Procheck Adapt has a translucent structure which eases fixing to structural frames and in combination with its integral tape allows for a fast installation time. Procheck Adapt is suitable for a variety of commercial and residential applications and provides airtightness to the structure as well as vapour control.

Procheck Adapt - Montrose - Image