Product Information

Planning requirements stipulated that the original window opening aperture sizes had to be maintained, and to alleviate thermal bridging on the existing window reveals, a thin insulation solution was crucial. Spacetherm offers superior thermal performance, which enabled the contractor to insulate the existing window reveals with just 17.5mm overall thickness, whilst still providing a high performing thermal conductivity of only 0.015 W/mK.

Engineered for unsurpassed thermal performance in space-critical applications, Spacetherm offers exceptional thermal conductivity, plus breathability allied to hydrophobic characteristics. Spacetherm Blanket is an ideal choice for timber or steel frame structures and on request can be cut to a variety of widths and sizes to suit different applications. In addition, it can also be bonded to a wide range of boards and substrates. Its flexibility and ease of use, combined with exceptional thermal performance qualities, which can be retained for up to 50 years, make it a preferred choice for many architects and specifiers.