Product Information

Graham Harrison, Managing Director of Motion Frame Limited, explained. “The Wraptite breather membrane was applied to the inside face of the existing fabric of the building enabling us to create a highly efficient airtight finish.

“The Comfort Frame system consists of high-quality, thermally efficient laminated panels that are sequentially fitted into our innovative stud framing system. Unlike a traditional IWI stud system, where the frame is built first, then materials affixed to the final design framework, our product is manufactured offsite specifically for the property and does not require any significant material cutting at site. A fundamental benefit of the system is that residents do not need to vacate the property whilst the works take place.

“Wraptite is a great product, with the self-adhesive design being easy and quick to apply. The combination of Wraptite, Comfort Frames IWI System, and airsource heat pump technology has enabled a SAP 10 assessed E-rated property into a highly efficient EPC A-rated home.

Support from the A. Proctor Group has been excellent, with Head of Façades, James Brackenreed-Johnston providing training to our team on the installation of the Wraptite.”

Also specified alongside Wraptite was Spacetherm® from the A. Proctor Group. The Spacetherm insulation range comprises high-performance aerogel insulation that can be bonded to various boards to suit specific applications. On its own, Spacetherm Blanket is a versatile material that is both vapour-permeable and hydrophobic, making it ideal for solid wall insulation. Visit to find out more.

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