The key requirements for the project at 27 Locheport, North Uist, included the speed of assembly, excellent insulation values, lots of natural light and the efficient use of space. Alex Durie, architect and co-founder of 7-22 Systems explained. “Using Wraptite, 7-22 Systems could pre-apply the breather membrane to each prefabricated component in their dedicated controlled workshop setting. The A. Proctor Group pre-cut the rolls to match the sizes of the external faces of each component, and then Wraptite tape was applied on-site to lap between the components.

“Wraptite has enabled 7-22 Systems to build to even greater quality, add another facet to their prefabrication, and provide the system with the breathable construction that will benefit the quality of space offered by their buildings.”

The Wraptite air barrier system is a safe and simplified membrane system. It provides a fully self-adhered vapour permeable air barrier certified by the BBA and combines the critical properties of vapour permeability and airtightness.

Exposure to the elements can present challenges when designing for a remote location or during transportation to the site of offsite components. However, the self-adhesive Wraptite membrane is easily applied in the factory, bonded externally to the substrate, and ensures that the membrane is held firmly in place, even during transportation, maintaining the system’s quality from installation to finished build.

Alex Durie added, “Wraptite has enabled 7-22 Systems to meet their targets for the on-site assembly of the project. It is a high-quality material that holds up well to severe weather conditions. The Wraptite membrane works well in a factory setting and is robust enough to withstand delivery to the site. Previously, applying on-site with the requirement of dry timber to apply a membrane to has been a challenge in the unsettled Hebridean weather.

“The ease of handling in a prefabrication setting is a great benefit. In addition, providing clients with a breathable construction is an added benefit and improves the durability of our system. Wraptite has definitely increased our prefabrication productivity compared to traditional rolls of breather membrane.”

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