Product Information

Wraptite airtightness membrane from the A. Proctor Group, specialists in supplying high-performance products to protect buildings, was selected by Metclad to maximise airtightness and energy efficiency, perfectly balanced with the crucial requirements of vapour permeability

Wraptite self-adhesive breather membrane is applied externally, quickly and efficiently as part of the rainscreen system. Incorporating the Wraptite System helps ensure “as-designed” performance. Its inclusion narrows the gap between asdesigned and actual energy performance whilst reducing the likelihood of possible failures to meet required airtightness levels.

Traditionally air barriers have been fitted internally. The internal installation of an air barrier necessitates accommodating building services such as electrical, lighting, heating and drainage systems, thereby increasing the gap between as designed and built. However, the Wraptite membrane fully bonds externally to virtually any substrate, requiring no additional mechanical attachment, seals or tapes to suppress air leakage around junctions or penetrations.

The high vapour permeability of Wraptite allows the substrate beneath to dry quickly and moisture vapour to escape and reduces the likelihood of mould, mildew, condensation, timber distortion and metal corrosion.

Wraptite is the only self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier certified by the BBA and combines the critical properties of vapour permeability and airtightness in one self-adhering membrane. Quite simply, providing a winning performance in advanced membrane technology for buildings.

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