Colin Kennedy, Managing Director of Veitchi Interiors commented: “We have specified Wraptite Tape on our project because it has proven to be vastly superior in performance and its ease of application compared to traditional aluminium coated Butyl adhesive tapes, used to seal joints, openings and penetrations.”

The high vapour permeability characteristics of Wraptite Tape mean that crucially it allows moisture vapour to escape the structure easily, removing the need for an additional breather membrane saving time and cost. Butyl adhesive tapes, however, whilst providing a seal against air leakage, may not only prevent air but also prevent the movement of moisture vapour, leading to potential problems and damage to the boards underneath over time.

Wraptite Tape is an assured effective airtight barrier, and because of its high vapour permeability it also allows damp sheathing to dry quickly, and moisture vapour to escape. Thus ensuring good indoor air quality and reducing the likelihood of mould, mildew, condensation, timber distortion and metal corrosion, protecting the essential fabric of buildings for many years to come.

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