Product Information

Steven McCrory, Design & Procurement Manager at Topek explains, “In technical consultation with the A. Proctor Group, Façadeshield UV was selected to protect the fabric and performance of the insulation installed behind the rainscreen cladding. The design of the external cladding had a perforated pattern, which meant that sunlight could shine through to the insulation boards behind it. The foil face of the insulation was not resistant to ultra violet light, and therefore the introduction of the Façadeshield UV membrane was essential in preserving the quality of the insulation.”

“Rainscreen cladding is a technically demanding construction, which requires the contractor to accept responsibility for the “through wall process” including air & water tightness, condensation control and structural stability. The introduction of Façadeshield UV membrane enabled us to ensure that the building fabric will maintain good water resistance and breathability behind the cladding.”

Façadeshield UV is the culmination of leading research to produce a nonwoven breathable membrane that combines exceptional water resistance and UV resistance with the aesthetically pleasing dark colour to provide a “shadow” appearance within open rainscreen façades.

Façadeshield UV enhances the air tightness of the building, whilst reducing the risk of condensation due to its’ high vapour permeability, yet airtight fabric. The product is backed with a CE Mark, confirming that the product is consistent with its declaration of performance.